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Marcene Sonnek is a motivational speaker who helps people communicate in a more positive way, even in difficult situations. 

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Choose to make lemonade.

Sonnek  walks attendees through four key insights that are the foundation of her communication coaching program. The process creates a roadmap to improved communication through a positive attitude by embracing grace and gratefulness. Ultimately, Sonnek helps the audience understand how to develop a communication style that leads to more positive interactions with people on a day-to-day basis.

Sonnek uses the comedy that comes from living through stressful situations to make lemonade from life’s lemons.

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Meet Marcene

I have worked in the marketing and advertising industry for over 25 years and as I reflect on my career there is one thing that always played a key role in my successes - relationship management and learning to communicate better.

As I dug deeper into this light bulb moment, I found that the communication skills I learned from co-parenting my son translated to other situations too. It was during this time that I found the most success in my career and I attribute it to learning how to communicate better with my co-workers and leadership. I eventually organized the learnings into 4 key insights and found that the process worked in both professional and personal situations. 

I break it down into 4 key communication insights.

By sharing these 4 key insights, I work with individuals and organizations to learn how to harness relationship management to create a more positive attitude and foster better relationships.

I will keep your audience engaged with the comedy that comes from living through stressful situations and making lemonade from life’s lemons.

Talk Topics

Talk Topics

Positive Communication

I take the audience through 4 key insights that they can incorporate into their communication style. When implemented, these insights help attendees better understand and value the diversity individuals bring to their life. They will leave knowing how to communicate positively, even in stressful situations.

I offer in-person talks and have pre-recorded motivational speeches that you can purchase to use at your next event or meeting. Contact me today to find out more!

Appreciation Events

Showing appreciation to employees improves morale and creates a positive work environment. I can help you plan an event for your employees that will re-energize them and help them maintain a positive attitude.

Communication Coaching

I work one-on-one or with small groups to go in-depth on the four key insights to achieve better communication. I help you identify the warning signs of negative communication and teach you how to navigate to a positive outcome. After completing my program you will feel more confident communicating in various situations and will have a 30 day plan designed to create long-term habits that will result in more effective communication.




"Marcene opened my eyes to not only relationship management skills that are useful for the office, but for every relationship I have. The relatable examples allowed me to picture myself in each of the situations, and I know moving forward I will challenge myself to take a moment to think before responding. The point that stood out the most to me was how much our own egos can hurt us in relationships."

Maddie Dahl

“Having Marcene work with our sales team was the most impactful thing we did this year to improve employee morale. The pandemic really had everyone feeling burned out. Marcene showed us how to use her relationship management insights to improve communication and build trust among the team again.”

Linda Kohls

"Marcene helped me see coworkers that frustrate me in a new light. When I went to work after her talk and a coworker did something that annoyed me I paused and considered WHY they might be saying/doing something the way that they were. I was able to give them grace rather than feel annoyed."

Noah Stetz


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